Top 10 Scooter Colours 2020

While brand, size, and weight are all important factors when choosing a pro scooter, colour can be just as important. A scooter has to feel good to ride, as well as be comfortable. Everyone wants a ride that reflects them, which is why some many riders love to work on and customise their scooters. Do you want to roll up to the park looking like everyone else? Or do you want to stand out with a scooter that reflects you, your personality, and ride style?

Modern pro scooters come in far more colour options than older ones. There are also hundreds of accessories available to build your perfect look. The sky is the limit when it comes to mixing and matching decks, bars, wheels, grips and grip tape.

But if you’re stuck trying to design the perfect ride, or you just don’t know where to start, we’re here to help. Today we’re going to discuss the top 10 scooter colours for 2020 to get you started.

scooter colours

1: Rainbow Scooter Colours

While your mind might instantly go to traditional rainbow colours, modern rainbow coloured scooters are different. Rather than combining the whole rainbow spectrum, modern scooters feature 2 to 4 vibrant colour combinations. These scooters can have bold, graffiti like patterns, graphic and text designs, or bold colours that fade into each other. Rainbow scooters are eye catching and are great for mixing and matching accessories, as you’ll have way more options for bars, wheels, grips and grip tape.

Sacrifice Scooter’s V2 Flyte 115 Lollipop features an awesome blend of red, blue, yellow and green. This bold combination is attractive, eye catching in the park, and perfect for mixing in coloured bars, grips and grip tape, or match with solid black if you really want to make a statement! If you want to get some attention, definitely go for a rainbow pro scooter.

2: Oil Slick Scooter

The Oil Slick style has been huge in both 2019 and 2020. This scooter colour takes the rainbow scooter look and pushes it further. With darker tones in green, purple, blue and sometimes even yellow, and mixed with black, this paint work is designed to look like swirling oil. It has quickly become a classic pro scooter look and is perfect for those who find the rainbow colour look too bright.

Oil Slick scooter colours can easily mix with bright neons, especially green and pink, for a sick, pro look. Or combine with black grips, tape and bars for a cool, pro look that features the slick colours of the deck. Oil slick colours look brilliant with neon accessories, especially graffiti style designs. With a sophisticated mix of colours, you can mix and match almost any style and colour of accessory and create a ride that is unique to you!

scooter colours

3: Red Pro Scooter

Red scooters are a classic, bold look, so it’s no wonder that they’re one of the top colours for 2020. Red matches with almost any colour to create a different look and personality. Mix and match red and yellow or red and green to create a great ride for a younger rider. Or combine with black for a classic design and pro look. Red and blue combinations are always popular, especially if you look for a bright, icy blue tone – bringing in a little neon always looks great! You can also go with an all red look for a bold, 2020 take on the red scooter look. Just make sure you use the same shades of red, otherwise your scooter will look cobbled together rather than cool. Bright red will always get you noticed when riding.

4: Pink Scooter Colours

Pink isn’t just for girls! In fact, pink is one of the most popular pro scooter and scooter accessory colours in 2020. Neon pink looks brilliant, especially matched with black bars, grips and/or accessories. Pink wheels can take a black scooter from looking generic to looking like a true pro scooter. Pink also looks great paired with oil slick and rainbow colour designs. If you’re looking for a great neon scooter that is perfect for a pro or trick rider, pink completes, pink wheels, or pink accessories look cool and professional. Sacrifice Scooter’s team rider, Sean Williams, absolutely kills it on a black scooter featuring awesome pink wheels.

Pink and black is also great for young riders, especially those who still need supervision when riding. Neon pink is eye catching and stands out on both the road, skate park and in the park in general, making it easy to locate a younger rider.

2020 scooters

5: Blue Pro Scooter

Blue is another classic colour for pro scooters, which is why it is still a favourite in 2020. Blue, like red, looks great with a wide range of colours, so you can go nuts with different bars, wheels, and grips. 2020 blue scooters feature icy blue tones and mint blue tones, as well as classic neon blue, dark blue, and light blue. These tones all look brilliant with black, while matching your blue deck with white will definitely turn heads.

Blue and silver is also a popular combination, great for older and younger riders alike. Blue – especially neon – also makes a great match with rainbow tones or oil slick to create a brighter colour palette. If you’re looking for a classic style that will last, definitely go for a strong blue or blue combo!

6: Black Scooter

Black is yet another classic colour that will never go out of style. It looks great matched with any colour, and an all black scooter has a timeless pro look. Modern black scooters can also come in a cool, matte finish that looks cool no matter your style of riding.

Black also matches perfectly with a wide range of colours. While you have classic colour combos – red and black, and blue and black – 2020 scooters look great with neon colours, rainbow mixes, and oil slick designs. Neon green is also an awesome combination with black and will definitely get you noticed. Black is a great look for all riders of all ages and skill levels. Black is the perfect base for creating a scooter to match your style and taste, or simply to wow your fellow riders with a sleek all black ride.

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7: Green Scooter Colours

Green hasn’t always been popular but it is making a dramatic comeback in 2020. While older models tended to only feature bright, neon green, in 2020 we have a wider and cooler range of green to choose from. The V2 Akashi120 Complete comes in racing green, a slick, dark metallic green that looks great with black or neon green. It’s a cool colour, perfect for trick riders and pros.

Sacrifice Scooter’s V2 Flyte 100 comes in a bright green with a “quake” patterning that breaks up the standard green with neon. This style looks great with neon green and black, making them perfect for riders who want to express their unique style and taste. And, of course, you have classic neon for those wanting a bright, retro look. Neon green looks great with both black and rainbow/oil slick designs.

8: Neon Graffiti Pro Scooter

Popular in the 90s, the bold look of neon graffiti is back in a big way in 2020. Neon graffiti decks look awesome, especially for trick riders who want to show off their skills and their deck. Those buying graffiti decks in 2020 are matching their decks with bright, neon colours and oil slick designs to create a slick new look. The Sacrifice V2 Flyte 115 Neochrome matches bright neon wheels and black with an oil slick look clamp to create a bright, eye catching ride.

The graffiti look pairs well with a range of colours to create a ride that truly reflects your personality and style. They look great in the street or in the park and are perfect for all styles of riding. The Sacrifice V2 Flyte 120 matches bright teal with the slick, graffiti look. The Sacrifice V2 Flyte 115 combines sick graffiti styling with slick black and purple for a great street look.

white scooter colour

9: Black and White Scooter

Black and white always looks cool, which is why it is one of the most popular colours in 2020. From cool graphic design to 2020’s favourite checkerboard design, to bold white and black, you can really make a statement with a black and white scooter. The V2 Flyte 115 Black comes with bold, white graphic design that looks cool on the street or in the park.

The AK110 Complete Killer Whale is a bold, slick white scooter with black features. This sick black and white deck features the best in premium Sacrifice parts. Black and white looks look great, no matter your style of riding. The checkerboard look is seriously one of 2020’s dopest looking rides.

10: Gold Scooter Colours

Metallics are a classic and in 2020 gold metallic is the colour everyone is after. Like silver, gold matches well with a lot of colours but looks coolest with black or chrome. The V2 Akashi120 Complete Neo Gold from Sacrifice features a full gold body with sleek black wheels and bars.

The V2 Flyte 120 Neo also features a gold body with black bars and wheels, while the V2 Flyte 120 Black Gold has a black deck, bars and wheels with gold highlights. Gold is one of the best new metallics in 2020 and is popular online and offline.

Looking for the perfect new ride? Want to create a scooter that not only looks great but matches your ride style? Explore Sacrifice Scooter’s range today to find the perfect pro or trick scooter, today.