Why a Kick Scooter Makes a Great Gift this Easter

Easter is definitely known by most as a time for chocolate and hot cross buns. But why not delight your kids this year, and give them a healthier alternative. Have the Easter Bunny deliver a scooter instead of – or along side – their traditional Easter eggs. Getting chocolates, lollies, toys, and other treasures at Easter is a delight but these small things are quickly finished with. If you really want to surprise your kids this Easter, and contribute to them getting some fun and healthy exercise, a kick scooter is a great choice.

A scooter allows your kids to unplug and get outside. This is important for mental and physical health as well as getting enough Vitamin D as we head into winter. It is great for exercise, builds muscle, improves cardiovascular health, improves balance, and helps your kids hone their motor skills. So a scooter for Easter is a win-win!

Kids get so much chocolate at Easter. Not to mention hot cross buns and other treats as well. It seems like they get more and more every year. This is why getting a scooter is important after a day of indulgence. Encourage your kids to take the scooter for a spin around the streets. Or head down to the park to practice, play a game of tag, or try out their first small tricks. Riding a scooter burns more calories than walking or cycling at 300 calories per hour. This makes it an excellent lower body workout, especially after a day of chocolate and sugary treats. And the joy will last long after the chocolate is gone.

Want to get your kids the perfect gift this Easter? Below are some of our most popular scooters, perfect for younger and older riders alike. Or contact the team today for help choosing the perfect addition to your kid’s Easter basket, today!

Sacrifice Chapter 2 Street Complete

The design team at Sacrifice Scooters has worked carefully over the last 14 months to create something special. The Chapter 2 Street Complete is the scooter develop for the rider that demands a set up that they can ride straight from the box. It is super light, super strong, and durable. The Chapter 2 offers a new compression system, SLC, that has been designed and tested by the Sacrifice team and is exclusive to Sacrifice Scooters. The unique forged head tube is full of the best designed parts money can buy. It is ideal for intermediate to advanced riders who want the best scooter money can buy.

The Chapter 2 Street Complete comes with both the Spy Fender and Spy Brake, which you can change depending on your mood and how you want to ride. And with the new SLC system, you can run HIC or SCS without having to change or fork or shims. It is simple to use and never comes loose! The design is specifically for street riders and street riding!

Sacrifice Chapter 2 Park Complete

Just like the Chapter 2 Street, the Sacrifice Chapter 2 Park Complete was carefully developed over the past 14 months. Super light, durable, and strong, it can be ridden straight out of the box. It is constructed from the best parts that money can buy and includes the new SLC compression system, exclusive to Sacrifice Scooters. Like the Sacrifice Chapter 2 Street, the Park is designed for intermediate to advanced riders who want the best scooter you can buy and ride straight out of the box. And the new SLC system can run IHC or SCS compression without having to change your fork or shims. It is simple to use and never comes loose. The Sacrifice Chapter 2 Park is the scooter you need when only the best will do! The design is specifically for park riders and riding.

Sacrifice V2 Mini Flyte

Looking for the perfect scooter for a young, beginner rider? Sacrifice Scooters has designed the perfect mini scooter for young kids. It features our unique triple concave that we use in all of our scooters, so even you beginner rider will have the best, lightest, and narrowest set up. It is 40% lighter than anything similar on the market, making it ideal for those looking to get into stunt riding!

The deck is 100mm wide and has a variable wall thickness extrusions to maximise strength while minimising weight. This complete scooter incorporates the new IHC system with the Cyborg fork, oversized, aluminium bars, and the Spy 2-bolt collar clamp. Finally, the Mini Flyte comes with slick new Delta-Core wheels, Roller Coaster bearings, custom grip tape, and Sacrifice trusty S-Grips.

Sacrifice OG Junior

Does you little one already love trick and stunt riding? The Sacrifice OG Junior Stunt Scooter is the perfect complete scooter for young riders. If you have a little one who is wanting to get into the sport or who demands the best from their ride, the OG Junior has you covered. It features a shorter deck and lower bars, making it the perfectly balanced scooter for riders 4 years and older. Sacrifice has used years of technology, engineering, manufacturing, and riding experience to create the perfect scooter to help introduce more kids to this exciting sport. This scooter is for them!

Tested by the world’s best riders, the OG Junior Stunt Scooter will not disappoint! It will help speed up progression and have your shredding the skate parks in no time! Step up your game with the perfect scooter, weighting in at just 3.6kg and at a price that will leave you with change in your pocket.

Sacrifice V2 Flyte 100

Looking for the lightest pro scooter on the market? The Flyte 100 is features our unique triple concave, a design specific for those that demand the best, lightest, and narrowest set up. The deck is 100mm wide, hence the name, and has variable wall thickness extrusions to maximise strength while minimising weight. This complete scooter incorporates the new IHC system with the Sacrifice Cyborg fork, oversize aluminium bars, and the new 2-bolt Spy collar clamp. It comes complete with slick new Delta-Core wheels, Roller Coaster bearings, custom fitted grip tape, and new Sacrifice Spy-Grips.

Sacrifice V2 Player

Our best selling scooter, the V2 player is an ideal entry level scooter for new riders. With our unique triple concave deck and new 120mm wheel, the OG Player is in a league of its own. We have designed new, custom Player grip tape that is cut to perfection, giving you the best possible grip you can get. This scooter will not disappoint, is fantastic for beginner and intermediate riders alike, and offers great value for money! Perfect as an Easter gift for any young rider.

Akashi 110 Complete

Our Akashi 110 Complete Scooter is the ultimate pro scooter. It has been in development for 18 months between the Sacrifice experts and our team of pro riders. The Akashi is designed for serious riding with a forged neck with base welding which gives the scooter its extreme strength. It comes in a skatepark style (the 110) and a street style (the 115). The 110 is weight reduced in many place to keep your set up super light while doing air tricks in the park.

It also uses our exceptional SCS system with Bionic fork and Recon clamp. The bar is our triple gusset Chromoly Sacci bar and comes complete with forged Blender wheels. It also features our world first Rebound PU and high wall core designed wheels. Finally you can enjoy a Taiwanese, full sealed headset and trusty S-Grips.

Easter is also the perfect time for experienced riders to give their rides a much needed tune up before we go into Winter. Winter riding is rough on scooters so it’s important to start checking over your scooter now to ensure everything is dialled. And if you need new parts, wheels or you want to upgrade to a new ride altogether, Easter is the perfect time! Trade in the chocolate and lollies for a scooter that’s going to take you into a whole new league of riding!

Looking to find the perfect scooter as an Easter treat? Explore our range today or contact our team for helpful advice on scooters for all ages and experience levels!