Claudius Vertesi Signature Pro Scooter Review

Claudius Vertesi Signature Titanium Bar Review

TRANSCRIPT: Welcome to my new video. My name is Claudius Vertesi, and today I will show you the CV Titanium Bar. This bar comes in three colours. We have Caribbean blue, which is the colour I’m using in this presentation, neon yellow, and grey is also available. The CV Titanium Bar is both long and wide, enabling the user to select the correct size for themselves. A great feature of this Bar is that it operates with any compression system. You can cut a slit in it just like I have done in this video or adjust the configuration to your preference. I recommend a simple visit to your local scooter shop or a professional, where they can complete this for you to ensure safety.

The construction of the CV Titanium Bar is from titanium which makes it extremely light. This is perfect for both beginners to advanced and even pro riders, making it easier to learn tricks. Another remarkable feature of the CV Titanium Bar is its back sweep. This is where the handles lean back slightly, providing additional comfort when you ride. The CV Titanium Bar is deliberately oversized and can use large forks. Should you use regular-sized forks, you can use a shim. I hope you enjoy these bars as much as I do. They’re a fantastic product.

Claudius Vertesi Signature Fork Review

TRANSCRIPT: Welcome to another great video. My name is Claudius Vertesi, and today I will show you the CV Signature Fork. The CV Fork looks great and is exceptionally light whilst being incredibly strong. Included on the CV Fork is the logo on the front and also my signature. Titanium enables the design to be lightweight and robust. The product also consists of a compression system which you can use together with the fork. The most important feature of the fork is that it’s lightweight, durable, and reliable. This is why I love the CV Signature Fork. The product is available in three colours: neon yellow, Caribbean blue, and oil slick. I hope you get as much fun and enjoyment out of this fantastic product as I have done. My favourite colour is neon yellow as it is very bright and allows your scooter to stand out. Thank you very much for watching.

Claudius Vertesi Signature Clamp Review

TRANSCRIPT: Welcome to another video production. My name is Claudius Vertesi, and today I’m proud to present the CV Signature Clamp. The CV Clamp looks like a crown, making it visually very appealing. The key features of this clamp are how lightweight and sturdy it is. This allows you to ride your scooter very safely. Titanium bolts enhance the clamps durability and overall design. Showcased on the front is the CV Logo. It comes in Caribbean blue, oil slick and also neon yellow. This clamp is ideal to use with the CV Titanium Bar and CV Titanium Fork. You can customize your clamp and select your colour preference. I’m very proud of the Clamp and excited to represent this fantastic product. Thank you very much for watching. I hope you enjoyed this video. Make sure you watch additional videos where I present all the other CV Signature Products.

Claudius Vertesi Signature Deck Review

TRANSCRIPT: Welcome to yet another great video. My name is Claudius Vertesi, and today I will be presenting the CV Signature Deck. This is my very own personal Signature Deck. Its dimensions are 19.5 long and 4.7 inches wide. This product is exceptionally lightweight. I’ve been using this model for over two years now and am still in love with it. The front has amazing cut-outs, which adds to its lightness. When viewing the front, you will notice a cut-out on the bottom and also two holes, reducing the weight even further. When viewing the CV Signature Deck, I often think it resembles my car, this deck has amazing visual appeal.

The grip tape is also a visual standout and the CV Logo. You can see the futuristic Tron design. It’s bright, allowing it to stand out and makes this product a real beauty. This deck like many of the other products I represent is ideal for both beginners, advanced, and pro riders because they’re extremely lightweight and have great dimensions. It provides great balance and stability. The CV Signature Deck is also ideal for grinding and I often grind with this deck. It’s excellent visually, and it features both an axle and spacers at the rear. It can fit a wide range of bar and fork configurations and additional scooter parts. I hope you enjoy this product as much as I have. Again, thank you very much for watching and checking out my videos.

Claudius Vertesi Signature Wheels Review

TRANSCRIPT: Welcome to another awesome video. If you don’t already know, my name is Claudius Vertesi. Allow me to present the CV Signature Wheels. The wheels are packaged in a beautiful box and are 110 millimeters high. There’s a choice of three colours being neon pink, which I’m presenting in this video, neon yellow, and Caribbean blue. The wheels are ‘holocore’ which means the core is hollow, allowing them to be exceptionally light and extremely fast. These wheels also provide additional grip and feature Abec 9 bearings, making this product extremely fast. I love these wheels because they’re super fast and lightweight. Beginners, advanced, and pro riders will notice how easy it is to reach high speeds. Tricks are performed with greater efficiency. Additional speed helps to jump up with your scooter and due to its high grip landing will not be a problem. Once again, I hope you found this video enjoyable and thanks for watching.