Top 10 Cool Scooters 2020

Scooters have been around for years, but recently they’ve become more popular both for trick and stunt riding and for commuting. Whether you’re looking for a commuter scooter or a pro scooter, there are a number of good scooter brands and styles to choose from. Regular, commuting scooters are fantastic, but pro scooters cover the gamut of trick, competition, and skatepark scooters.

Selecting the coolest scooters of 2020 is based on the performance, type of scooter, pricing, and key features. Today we are going to discuss how we chose the coolest scooters and our list of top 10 cool scooters of 2020.

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Benefits of Cool Pro Scooters

Pro scooters have a wide range of uses, which makes them one of the best scooter types you can buy. The benefits of cool pro scooters include:

Performing Tricks and Stunts

Cool trick scooters will enable you to perform a wide variety of tricks at the skatepark. Not all scooters are designed for trick riding, so you need to purchase a pro scooter specifically if you want to perform tricks.

A Wide Variety of Options

No matter if you’re a beginner or a pro rider, coolest pro scooters give you a wide variety of styles and sizes to choose from. You can buy a complete scooter or buy parts to make a truly custom ride.

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Types of Cool Scooters

There are two main types of pro scooters; complete scooters and custom scooters.

Complete Cool Scooters

Also known as kick, trick, freestyle, and pro scooters, completes are exactly as they sound. These scooters are ready to ride right out of the box. They don’t require much if any, modification but you can modify them as you want. They are fantastic for beginners, pros, and casual riders alike who want to street ride or perform tricks and stunts.

Custom Scooters

More experienced riders often build their own scooters. But even beginners can build their own if they can’t find a complete that suits their needs. You can choose from a range of different parts including:

  • Decks
  • Brakes
  • Wheels
  • Headsets
  • Grip tape
  • Forks
  • Clamps
  • And more!

By exploring the ranges of high-quality brands, like Sacrifice Scooters, you can build a true, one-of-a-kind ride that suits all your needs.

Pro Tips For Riding A Kick Scooter

Cool Scooter Pricing

Remember, you get what you pay for! And this is definitely the case when it comes to good scooters.

Scooters Under $50

While some pro scooters are inexpensive, they are generally lower quality. Scooters like these are found in shopping centres and department stores that don’t specialise in scooter construction. They tend to be flimsy and break easily, which means you’ll have to continually replace them. This ultimately costs you a lot more in the long run.

Scooters between $50 and $100

Scooters in this range are generally good scooters with better quality parts than cheaper brands. However, like cheaper scooters, they are likely going to breakdown a lot faster than a more expensive pro scooter.

Scooters Over $100

The best and coolest pro scooters sit in this range. While it might feel like a lot of money to pay at once. These scooters are made with high-quality parts and materials. This ensures they last longer than cheaper scooters. You can also change worn out parts to prolong the life of the scooter, while cheaper scooters don’t have these options.

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Key Features of Cool Scooters

When choosing the coolest scooters of 2020, we took the following key features into consideration:


Cool pro scooter decks come in a variety of different designs. This allows you to select the style, length, width, and concavity to match your needs and preferences. Your deck is the central part of your scooter, so it is essential that it fits your riding style. Don’t ignore deck size and width as this can affect the performance of the scooter.


Grips are integral to a good, pro scooter, especially if you’re a trick rider. Trick riding requires a good grip to perform – there’s nothing worse than losing grip on your scooter when doing a trick!

Bar Size

Good scooters will come in a range of bar sizes to suit your riding style and height. You should never use bars that are too low or too high as this can make it super uncomfortable to ride or safely perform tricks. Bars should reach around hip/waist height. You should also have bars that are at least as wide as your shoulders. Slightly narrower bars are good for trick riding, but never go too small or too wide.


Good scooters are lightweight, while cheaper scooters are usually heavy. Weight affects your ability to perform certain tricks. A scooter that’s too heavy will be difficult to ride long distances and difficult to perform stunts with.

The Top 10 Cool Scooters for 2020

Using our criteria above, we have pulled together a list of the top 10 coolest scooters for 2020!

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1. Sacrifice OG Junior

The newest edition to the Sacrifice Scooter line up. This cool trick scooter is the perfect complete for young riders, making it the best scooter for kids getting into the sport. It is the best kids scooter currently on the market.

The Sacrifice OG Junior has a shorter deck and lower bars, making it a perfectly balanced scooter for 4 year old riders and older. This cool pro scooter is the result of years of technology and manufacturing experience, giving kids a fantastic first scooter to get into the sport. Your kids will love this scooter which has been perfectly designed to suit them.

Sacrifice’s OG Junior has been tested by the word’s best riders and is the best scooter to speed up riding and trick progress. Your kids will be shredding the skateparks in no time. The Sacrifice OG Junior weighs in at just 3.6 kilos and will not disappoint!

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2. Sacrifice V2 Flyte 120

Sacrifice introduces the Flyte V2 120 that has been created in response to the ever-changing demand for cool pro scooters. The new Flyte 120 is designed specifically for riders who demand the best but who also want a lighter setup with a wider deck. This new deck has variable wall thickness extrusion to maximise strength while minimising weight. It features Sacrifice’s unique triple concave design and a 120mm deck, hence the name.

This cool complete scooter also incorporates Sacrifice’s new IHC system with our Cyborg fork, aluminium bars, and the Spy 2-bolt collar clamp. With slick new 20ml Delta-Core wheels, Roller Coaster bearings, custom grip tape, and Sacrifice’s Spy-Grips, this is one of the coolest scooters on the market in 2020.

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3. Sacrifice V2 Flyte 115

Like the Flyte V2 120, the V2 Flyte 115 has been specifically designed for those that demand the best but want a lighter set up. They are one of Sacrifice’s coolest, best-selling scooters and one of the best pro scooters on the market for younger riders. It is ideal for young riders who want a complete scooter built from the best Sacrifice has to offer.

The Flyte V2 115 features a 115mm deck and has variable wall thickness extrusions to maximise strength while minimising weight. This cool pro scooter features Sacrifice’s unique triple concave and incorporates Sacrifice’s new IHC system with Cyborg fork.

The Flyte 115 features oversized aluminium bars and the best bolt clamp on the market, the Spy 2-bolt. Each complete comes with Sacrifice’s new Delta-Core wheels, Roller Coaster bearings, custom grip tape, and Sacrifice’s new Spy-Grips.

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4. OG Player

Sacrifice’s OG Player is a cool trick scooter with ridiculously good specs for the price. There are no compromises on quality with an integrated, triple concave 115mm deck. Each deck is 55mm long and features an 82.5deg HT angle. The OG Player has a super smooth, fully sealed headset, solid CNC one-piece fork, and Sacrifice’s new IHC compression system.

Sacrifice’s OG Player comes with high strength steel bars with a unique 2 point gusset design, equipped with Sacrifice’s famous S-Grips.

This cool complete scooter comes with a set of ultra-light 110mm/88a spit forked, 5 spoke aluminium core wheels, super sort flex fender brakes, and cityscape design grip tape.

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5. Akashi 120 Complete

The Akashi range of complete scooters combines Sacrifice’s premium parts. It caters to elite pro riders looking for the coolest scooter on the market. The Akashi sets a new standard in complete scooters and pushes the boundaries of the sport.

The Akashi 120 complete is based around the undisputed king of the streets, the AK-115, but with a focus on park riding. This brilliant complete features Sacrifice’s bullet-proof SCS system with Bionic fork and Recon clamp. The Akashi 120 bars are Sacrifice’s reinforced Chromoly Reo T-bar and come equipped with trusted S-Grips and classic GT stripe graphics.

Each scooter comes complete with all-new, hand-poured, 120 UFO wheels and full sealed, integrated Taiwanese headset.

Akashi 110 Complete

6. Akashi 110 Complete Cool Scooters

The Akashi 110 complete is the ultimate, cool pro scooter. Developed over 18 months with input from Sacrifice’s expert scooter developers and pro riders. It is designed for serious riding and extreme strength, thanks to the deck’s forged neck with base welding. The 110 is the skatepark style compared to the 115 street option.

The AK-110 has been weight reduced to keep your set up super light to enhance your air tricks in the park. It uses Sacrifice’s bullet-proof SCS system with Bionic for and Recon clamp. The bars are Sacrifice’s triple gusset Chromoly Sacci bar, complete with fully sealed, Taiwanese headset and trusty S-Grips. The forged Blender wheels feature Sacrifice’s world-first Rebound PU and high wall core design to make this the coolest trick scooter on the market.

AK115 Complete

7. AK115 Complete

After 18 months of development with Sacrifice’s expert scooter developers and Sacrifice’s team of pro riders, Sacrifice presents the AK115. This street style scooter is designed for serious riding, with a forged neck with base welding for extreme strength.

Featuring Sacrifice’s unique triple concave deck, the Akashi 115 gives you even more contact points while grinding, making it perfect for staying balanced while fast grinding. It also features Sacrifice’s high walls and plastic plugs to give extra support while grinding ledges.

The Akashi 115 V2 has some fantastic upgrades, changing from SCS to IHC with the new Spy 2-bolt collar clamp. This industry-leading clamp features 6ml high tensile bolts for extra strength. The new Spy IHC fork comes with 8ml tensile axles for extra strength while being lighter than the Bionic fork. The AK115 comes with reliable 110ml Blenderwheels with high Rebound PU, a Taiwanese fully sealed integrated headset, new Spy-Grops, and classic GT stripe graphics. This is the ultimate, coolest pro scooter for all riders.

Sacrifice V2 Flyte 100

8. Sacrifice V2 Flyte 100 Cool Scooters

Looking for the lightest, coolest pro scooter on the market? Look no further than the Flyte V2 100 featuring Sacrifice Scooter’s unique triple concave deck. It has been specifically designed by Sacrifice’s experts for riders who demand the best, lightest, and narrowest set up on the market.

The Flyte 100 series features a 100mm deck with variable wall thickness extrusions to maximise strength while minimising weight. This cool complete scooter incorporates the new IHC system with Cyborg fork, oversized aluminium bars, and the new 2-bolt Spy collar clamp.

Slick new Delta-Core wheels, Roller Coaster bearings, custom-fitted grip tape, and new Spy-Grips complete this popular pro scooter.

Sacrifice V2 Player

9. Sacrifice V2 Player

Sacrifice’s V2 OG Player is a cool entry-level scooter and one of Sacrifice’s best sellers. With a triple concave deck and new, 120mm wheels. It also features custom Player grip tape cut to perfection, the V2 OG Player is in a league of its own.

With the best possible grip on the market for trick and stunt riding, this is a scooter that will not disappoint while also being great value for money.

Mini Flyte V2 Complete

10. Mini Flyte V2 Complete Cool Scooters

Perfect for young riders and one of the coolest scooters on the market for young riders, the Mini Flyte series features Sacrifice’s unique triple concave. It is designed specifically for young riders who want the best, cool scooter on the market with a lighter, narrower set up. The Mini Flyte is 40% lighter than anything similar on the market and features a 100mm wide deck.

The deck also features Sacrifice’s renowned variable wall thickness extrusions to maximise strength while minimising weight. This fantastic complete scooter incorporates Sacrifice’s new IHC system with Cyborg fork, oversized aluminium bars, and Spy 2-bolt collar clamp. The Mini Flyte V2 100 comes complete with slick new Delta-Core wheels, Roller Coaster bearings, custom Grip-Tape, and trusty S-Grips.

Looking for cool scooters and trick scooters on the market? Explore the Sacrifice Scooter’s range today or contact us for advice on choosing your next ride!