How To Put Your Scooter Bars On

Whether you’re replacing damaged bars or upgrading your ride, knowing how to put your scooter bars on is a skill you need to know. In fact, most complete scooters need some kind of assembly when you get it – and that assembly is almost always going to include putting on scooter bars. Today Jaden Hardy is going to show us how to put your scooter bars on.

Why Change Scooter Bars?

The more time you spend riding, the more you’ll find you’ll need to make some adjustments to ensure a smooth ride. You might find your scooter bars have developed some movement or are making noises while you’re riding. This means you might need to adjust, tighten, or replace your bars.

What You Need:

  • New scooter bars
  • Grips
  • Clamp
  • Allen key

How To Put Your Scooter Bars On


How to Attach Your Bars

1. Unbox your parts

2. Locate the grips and clamp, and attach them to the bars.

3. Make sure the clamp is loose, so you can properly install the stem into the headset

4. Ensure the fork is facing the right way – the clamp bolts at the bottom of your stem should be at the back

5. Slide the stem gently into the headset

6. Once the stem is inserted into the headset, flip the scooter upside down

7. Check the alignment of the bars. They should be straight and in line with the deck

8. Check the alignment of the front wheel. It should be straight and in line with the deck and bars

9. Once you are sure everything is properly aligned, grab your Allen key to tighten the clamp*

10. If your clamp has multiple bolts, make sure you tighten each one a little at a time. DON’T tighten one bolt all the way before tightening the others as this will destabilise the clamp and bars

11. When you have tightened the clamp and you can’t tighten it anymore this means the scooter is properly dialed in

12. Go shred it!

*Make sure you use the right-sized Allen key. The wrong size can round the bolt head, which will require professional help to fix.

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How to Choose the Right Size Bars

While you can technically ride a scooter of any size, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s easy, fun, or comfortable for the rider. You need a scooter that is the right size for your body so you can have the best experience. Here is a rough guide for sizing your bars:

  • 15 years old or older – Full-sized bars at 620mm or more
  • 8-15 years old – Mid size bars from 550mm to 620mm
  • 8 years old or younger – Junior size bars from 550mm or shorter

These are, of course, just guidelines. You need to base your bar size on your height, needs, and comfort.

What’s the Difference between Standard Bars and Oversized Bars?

In general, standard bars have an outside diameter of 31.8mm. Some standard bars will come with a slit while others will not. This is important to consider in regards to the compression you’re using.

Oversized bars have an outside diameter of 34.9mm. Oversized bars generally already come slit for compression, but not all brand will. Check before buying as cutting a slit can be difficult, especially if you are using titanium bars.

When Should I Replace the Grip Tape?

If your grip tape is getting worn or is losing its grip, it is best to replace it. Sacrifice Scooters has a wide range of grip tape to not only replace damaged tape but also to customise your ride!

The Grip Tape is Peeling, What Do I Do?

If your tape is peeling, you can try using a few, very small, beads of superglue in the areas where it has lifted. If large sections are lifting, it is best to replace your entire grip tape.

When Should I Replace the Hand Grips?

If your hand grips become noticeably worn, uncomfortable, or torn, it is time to replace them. We also recommend replacing your hand grips if you’re adding new bars. Sacrifice Scooters offers a fantastic collection of grips to customise your ride.

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My Scooter Bars Are Making a Rattling Noise, What Do I Do?

First, check all the bolts on your scooter are tight. If this doesn’t solve the rattle, take your bars off and check your compression bolt is tight. Is the noise persisting? Check your wheel axles, clamp bolts, and brake bolts. If all of these are tight, then you shouldn’t hear a rattle.

Why is My Headset Creaking?

If your headset is making a creaking noise, remove the bars and check the compression bolt. Lubricate your headset bearing. If this doesn’t solve the issue, you might need to replace the headset.

My Scooter Bars are Loose or Turning, What Do I Do?

Remove your scooter bars and check your compression is tight. Next, reinstall your bars, making sure your clamp is tightened (see our instructions above). If you have dialed it correctly, your bars should be fine.