How To Finger Whip A Scooter

All new trick riders want to ride like the pros. But seeing it performed is not as good as understanding how to perform the perfect trick. So today Jake Bartlett, rider for Sacrifice Scooters, is going to show you how to perform his favourite trick – the Finger Whip. We are also going to discuss some of our best pro scooters for trick riding!

How to Finger Whip a Scooter

Hi guys, it’s Jake Bartlett here, rider for Sacrifice Scooters and today I’m going to show you how to finger whip.

So what you do is you put your hand right here in the middle, right between your bars and the finger grip. When you lift it up, the scooter won’t lose control or go unstable.

Hit the deck and then land it. And make sure you stay level at all times otherwise you won’t land it.

Step by Step Guide to Finger Whip a Scooter

The Finger Whip is performed by using your fingers to tail whip your deck. It’s a fun trick to learn and perform over different ramps.

1.      Roll your hands backward on your grips, so your wrists are pointing towards the floor

2.      Jump out of a quarter pipe, fast, with lots of air time

3.      Take your feet and one hand off the scooter

4.      Use your other hand to lift the scooter upwards, so your deck is in front of you

5.      Make sure you grip between the bars and grip to keep the scooter stable

6.      Make sure you’re leaning forward so your weight is above the scooter

7.      Hit the deck with your free hand so it tail whips around

8.      As soon as you feel your hand hit the deck, push the scooter back down to your feet

9.      Put your free hand back on the bars and catch the deck with your feet

10.   If you’ve kept the scooter level, you’ll land the trick

What are the Best Scooters for Trick Riding?

When choosing a pro scooter, there are a lot of factors to take into consideration. You need to think about:

  • Who is the scooter for?
  • How tall is the rider?
  • Is this person new to scooter riding or have they been riding for years?
  • How old is the rider?

When choosing the right scooter for pro riders, Sacrifice Scooters recommend:

Finger Whip A Scooter

1: Sacrifice Akashi V2-115 Complete

The Sacrifice Akashi was developed between the Sacrifice Scooter experts and our pro riders. Over 18 months of collaboration, we created the Akashi V2-115 complete, perfect for serious riding. It features a forged neck and base welding, which gives the scooter extreme strength. The Akashi comes in a skate park style 110 deck or large options for street styles. It has the new Spy 2 bolt collar clamp with 6mm high tensile bolts for extra strength. It also features the new Spy IH fork, 110mm Blender wheels, a fully sealed integrated headset, and Sacrifices trusty S-Grips.

trick scooter

2: O.G. Player V2

The O.G. is a great entry-level scooter, and one of Sacrifice Scooters best-selling scooters. It has a triple concave deck, and 120mm wheels, putting the O.G. Player in a league of its own. It also features custom Player grip tape, cut to perfection, to give you’re the best possible grip and value for money.

Finger Whip A Scooter on a trick scooter

3: O.G. Hustler V2

The Hustler is a great beginner scooter and features a massive design overhaul. The wheels have been upgraded to 110mm and the bars feature custom-designed grip tape.

trick scooters

4: Sacrifice Flyte V2-115 Complete

Designed specifically for those who demand the best, but are looking for a lighter set up, the Flyte 115 is one of Sacrifice’s best selling scooters. It features a 115mm wide deck and variable wall thickness extrusions to maximise strength while minimising weight. The Flyte also features the Sacrifice unique triple concave styling. It incorporates the new IHC system with Cyborg fork, oversized aluminium bars, and Spy2 bolt clamp. It also comes with new Delta Core wheels, Roller Coaster Bearings, Spy-Grips, and custom grip tape.

finger whip trick scooters

5: Sacrifice Flyte 100 V2

One of the lightest scooters on the pro scooter market, the Flyte 100 features the Sacrifice unique triple concave design. It’s designed specifically for those that need a lighter, narrower set up. The deck is 100mm wide and has variable wall thickness extrusions to maximise strength while minimising weight. The Flyte incorporates the IHC system with Cyborg fork, oversized aluminium bars, and the new 2-bolt Spy collar clamp. It comes with Delta-Core wheels, Roller Coaster Bearings, custom-fitted grip tape, and Spy Grips.

Explore the Sacrifice Scooter range, today, to find your perfect new pro scooter. Find the perfect ride, today, and start learning how to finger whip your pro scooter!