How To Bri Flip On A Scooter

Want to learn how to Bri Flip on a scooter? You’ve come to the right place. In this how-to article, we’ll provide you with each step in detail, plus a helpful tutorial video. With some practice, you’ll be able to Bri Flip on a scooter in no time!

What Is A Bri Flip?

You might see Bri Flip written as Briflip or a Briwhip. In this article, we’re going to call it a Bri Flip. A scooter Bri Flip is very similar to a Tail Whip. The main difference is that you lift the scooter higher in the air.

A Tail Whip is a trick where you jump and flick the deck under your feet. To successfully land a Bri Flip, you’ll need to have mastered the Tail Whip. This is why we recommend that you learn how to do that first before attempting a Scooter Bri Flip.

What Is A Bri Flip?

Where Should I Learn How To Bri Flip

Before attempting to Bri Flip at a skate park, you should practice on a flat surface without any speed at all. By staying still, you can work out where your feet and hands need to be, and how to move the handles. Having a good quality scooter can also help make tricks a bit easier to do.

The Most Important Step To Landing A Bri Flip On A Scooter

We’ll tell you the steps of doing a Bri Flip or Bri Whip in just a moment. Did you know that thinking about doing the trick without even touching your scooter can help you to get better at it? It’s called visualisation and has been proven to work in studies.

We don’t want to bore you too much with the science behind visualisation but here’s a fun example. A study once showed that an unnamed basketball team who visualised shooting basketball free throws had a better success rate than a team that practiced with a physical ball.

The same works for practicing tricks like a Bri Flip on a scooter. Spend time thinking about what you need to do. In your head, think about doing a scooter Bri Flip in slow motion. How will your feet be just before you jump? Where are your hands? Once you have jumped, how will you flick the deck out? How high will you bring your hands and the deck? And how will you land the Bri Flip.

By the way, it’s also important to think about what could go potentially go wrong. This can save you from stacking and eating pavement! This is more useful when you’re practicing at a real skate park. If you ever fall or make a mistake, try and think about what you might have done wrong. Was part of your body in the wrong spot? Did you lose control of the scooter? Try to slow it down in your mind and the next time you find yourself in that situation, you might be able to fix it in real-time.

How Do You Do A Bri Flip On A scooter?

Again, we assume that you can do a Tail Whip – it will make doing a Bri Flip way easier. Also, it’s best to have an idea of how to do a Bri Flip before hitting the skate park. This is because you’ll need to gain some air to carry out the trick correctly.

1. Foot Placement

As you’re moving, place your preferred foot on the deck, as far back as possible to allow you to kick it out better.

2. Just Before The Lip

As you’re getting air at the top of a half- or quarter-pipe, kick the scooter out from under you with the foot that’s on the deck. Use your arms to pull the handlebars up and away from you. You’ll need to use the momentum that you have gained to help with the Bri Flip

3. In The Air

As soon as possible, turn your handlebars 90 degrees. This will give you better control of the scooter in the air. If you don’t do this turn at the moment you take off, you will lose control of your scooter and there’s no chance of landing a Bri Flip. You should also keep the handlebars turned until the very end (as late as possible in the trick) to maintain better control.

If you’re doing a scooter Bri Flip on a pipe, and plan on going back down, you’ll need to turn yourself in the air whilst moving the scooter around your body. We recommend trying this part of the trick on flat ground, with no speed.

Be careful that you don’t throw the scooter too high up in the air. If it goes above your shoulders or too far away from your body, you’re going to have a tough time getting it in the right position for landing. So keep your scooter as close as possible to your body.

Once you and the scooter are in a good place to land, turn the handlebars back to their original position.

4. Landing

This is just like any other trick on a scooter. If you have good foot placement and you have returned the handlebars back to their original position, you should be good to go since the front wheel is back in alignment. Many experts including Brian Boston who invented this trick suggests that you should practice it on a flat surface first.

The most important thing to do is practice, practice, practice. It’ always a good idea to see how it’s done, so if you have not yet watched the video of how to carry out a Bri Flip on a flat surface, take a look – it will really help you to understand how it’s done. Once you’re confident with how to do it, take it to the next level by trying it out at your local skate park.

Remember, if you’re not getting it, try to visualise what you’re doing and try to identify where you’re going wrong. Also, frustration can be a good thing but if you find that you’re too frustrated, take a break and come back to it later with a cool head.

That’s pretty much all you need to know to do this cool trick. Good luck!