How to Backflip on a Scooter

One of the best things about scooter riding is learning how to trick ride. And one of the most impressive tricks is the backflip. One of the most frequently asked questions our team gets is “how do I do a backflip?”. Today, with the help of our rider, Jax Whittaker, we are going to break down the steps in learning how to backflip, along with a video by Jax. Today let’s learn about how to backflip on a scooter.

What You Need to Backflip on a Scooter

Firstly, we highly recommend you wear a helmet and pads when attempting any flip tricks, especially the backflip. You will also need to be able to drop in and carve around bowls with ease, before you attempt a backflip. We also recommend you are able to ride around the park without any speed wobbles.

Finally, you should be able to do a backflip on a trampoline. This will help you when you try the same trick on a scooter.

How to Backflip on a Scooter with Jax Whittaker

Hey guys! Jax Whittaker here from Sacrifice Scooters. Today I’m going to be teaching you how to backflip a scooter.

Okay, first step, you want to do it into a foam pit or airbag, or somewhere you feel comfortable. And you want to tuck and look straight back, and you don’t want to get your eyes caught on anything.

What I mean by tuck is that you bring your knees up to the bars and look back.

As you could see there you could see how I tuck and look back and, yeah, it just flipped me.

One thing about flips is you should never let go of your scooter when doing a flip because you don’t know where your scooter is and it is probably the worst thing you can do.

stunt scooter

Quick Steps on How to Backflip a Scooter

  1. Try to practice your first flip into a foam pit or airbag, or something similar
  2. Ride to the ramp as fast as you can
  3. As you reach the top of the ramp lean backwards
  4. Tilt your head back and pull your bars back to your knees
  5. Keep your hands on the bars and your feet on the deck at all times
  6. When you reach ¾ of the way through your flip you need to spot your landing
  7. As you land, bend your knees and keep your hands firmly on the bars and your feet firmly on the deck
Foot Placement On A Kick Scooter

Detailed Instruction on How to Perform a Scooter Backflip

As we’ve said before, the best place to try your first backflips is at a foam pit or with an airbag. This way it doesn’t matter if you land funny, or land on your neck or back, your landing is going to be cushioned.

Performing the backflip is actually easy. When starting out, all you need to do is lean back with your body and head. Right as you feel your front wheel pull up off the ramp, lean back and let your body pull back into the flip. Don’t pull back too early or you might scrape your head on the top of the ramp. You must commit to the flip. If you don’t and try to bail out halfway through, you could get an injury. It may not feel like you’re going to rotate into the flip but you will. You just have to commit!

As you get better and more confident in your flips, you can try tucking your knees up to get your flip to look cleaner.

Backflip Safety

Keep practicing into the foam pit until you get your flips dialed. Once you’re ready, you can take your tricks to the park. Just imagine the ground is just like the foam pit/airbag you’ve been practicing with. You’ve developed the muscle memory to perform a backflip. When landing, you need to bend your knees and keep your hands firmly on the bars, and your feet firmly on the deck. As long as you commit, you’ll land your flip in the park just as well as you did into the foam/airbag.

Make sure you wear your helmet at all times and keep your pads on, especially when first taking your backflip to concrete or wood. Practice flipping out of small, big, shallow and steep things until you have your backflip dialed. From there, you can start adding in other tricks, including backflip whips and more.

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