Everything You Need to Know About Trick Scooters

Scooters have come an incredibly long way since the Razor scooter made its debut in 2000. Back then, it was only considered a child’s toy, a novelty. Now, scooters have evolved both a mode of transport and a beloved sport. Scooter riders are now known for their incredible tricks and stunts. Trick riding is one of the best reasons to own a scooter. Being able to wow your friends with jumps, flips, and whips is an awesome feeling. Whether you’re just starting to practice your first tricks, or you’re moving up to the next level of stunts, you need the right scooter to keep you moving. Today we are going to discuss everything you need to know about trick scooters.

trick scooters

What is a Trick Scooter?

To make a long answer, short, a trick scooter is a non-foldable, non-adjustable scooter specifically designed for tricks and grinds. They utilise the strongest and lightest materials on the market to withstand the punishment a trick scooter undergoes.

The biggest difference between trick and commuter scooters is that trick scooters don’t fold. This is because the mechanism that triggers a scooter to fold can be set off when doing tricks, causing serious injuries. For this reason, trick scooters don’t have this folding mechanism for that reason. Instead, professional scooters utilise a bolting mechanism that adds much needed strength to the for. They also use higher quality materials to put up with the punishment a scooters goes through when performing stunts. Finally, trick scooters need to be as light as possible to make tricks easier to perform. This is why pro stunt scooters, like those made by Sacrifice Scooters, are made from aircraft grade aluminium that is light, but also improves construction and stiffness.

Every part of a trick scooter is designed for the sport. The bars on the scooter are, as we said above, designed to be stiff and strong to bear the brunt of stunt riding. They should sit comfortably between the waist and hips. The deck needs to be as light as possible, too, in order to perform the most insane tricks. Trick riders prefer shorter, lighter decks as they’re best for spin, heel and tail whip stunts. Decks are far more narrow than street scooters, as commuters need more footspace than stunt riders.

Trick scooters also feature a compression system. This is the way in which engineers mechanically attach the bars, fork and deck to your scooter. The compression system ensures you can perform the best tricks and stunts you can, with a sturdy, stable scooter underneath you. The most popular types of scooter compressions are HIC (Hidden Internal Compression), ICS (Internal/Inverted Compression System), and SCS (Standard Compression System).

Pro Stunt Scooters – What You Need to Know

A pro scooter is just another name for a trick scooter. However, pro scooters tend to be a more durable version of your normal trick scooter. You can’t adjust the height or fold the scooter. It can weigh a little more than a normal trick scooter and will have a far more enhanced and advanced compression system.

Beginner riders can comfortably buy out-of-the-box pro scooters from experts like Sacrifice Scooters. The design of every pro scooter keeps lightness, durability, and the best materials in mind. These scooters are designed over years by pro riders to give you the best experience possible.

Advanced riders, however, like to put together their own scooters from the wheels up. This is why Sacrifice Scooters provides all the pieces you need to build your own scooter. All our parts are designed in conjunction with pro stunt riders to create the best, strongest, and lightest parts on the market.

trick scooters

What is a Trick Kick Scooter?

Just like a pro stunt scooter, a trick kick scooter is just another name for a trick scooter. They are designed with the skate park in mind and are made to withstand high impact stunts. Kick scooters are also durable so they can outlast long sessions down the park. They are manufactured from high strength aluminium (in the case of Sacrifice Scooters, aircraft grade aluminium) to ensure your scooter remains solid beneath you when landing from great heights. Kick trick scooters feature an aluminium core for further strength to the wheels, which take the most strain from tricks and stunts. The down tube is also heavily strengthened, combining with a great deck to deliver the best stunt riding sessions.

Trick kick scooters have unrivalled manoeuvrability which makes them ideal for performing a wide variety of tricks. They are not a comfortable street ride, however, and can be difficult to transport due to their lack of folding mechanism.

Kids Stunt Scooters

Choosing a kids stunt scooter is more complicated than choosing a trick scooter for an adult. While they need to be able to keep up as your kid starts practicing stunts and tricks, it also needs to be comfortable and easy to ride. You also need to make sure your kid is ready and old enough to begin practicing stunts.

To begin with, children will have different motor skills at different ages. Generally, though, any child who can walk with a steady gait can ride a scooter. There are riders who are as young as 2-3 years old. However, if your kid still needs a large, three wheeled scooter for balance, they are not ready for a trick or stunt scooter.

Height and Size

Just like an adult scooter, you need to take in the same considerations when choosing the size and weight of the scooter. Wheel size is an important factor to consider. Choosing larger wheels gives you a longer glide distance, which means you get a better rolling efficiency. They also provide shock absorption and are best matched with a larger deck. Scooters with larger decks and wheels tend to be better for street riding, rather than trick riding. Smaller wheels are lightweight and easier to speed up and slow down. This ensures your scooters is more agile and nimble, giving you a better turn radius and a lighter scooter for better trick performance – as well as making it easier for a kid to ride.


The deck should be proportional to wheel size as well as the size of the rider. The larger the wheels, the taller the raider, the larger the deck. However, even adult riders prefer a shorter, narrower deck for tricks as it is easier to flip, kick and spin the deck. It does give you a lot less footspace, however, which can make it difficult for new trick riders to balance and land.

Deck height is also important. This is the distance between the top of the deck to the ground, a lower deck is easier to push. You don’t need to bend your knees as much, and lowers the centre of gravity which is great for beginner stunt riders. However, a lower deck does risk scraping the bottom of the scooter against the ground when you ride tricks and jumps.

Scooter Bars

Scooter bars are another big factor when choosing or building a trick scooter. Bars should reach the hip or waist for the most comfort, best balance, greater performance, and comfort. Some trick riders go slightly lower but we don’t recommend this for beginner trick riders. Bars should be no wider than your shoulders and narrower bars make trick riding easier. Some riders even cut them down to suit their needs. Kids should have wider bars over narrower, in order to learn better balance.

Best Trick Scooters of 2021

Looking for your first trick scooter? Or are you wanting to upgrade to your next stunt scooter? Below are the best scooters we’ve found, so far, for 2021!

chapter 2 park

Sacrifice Chapter 2 Park Series

Over the last 14 months, the design team at Sacrifice Scooters has worked had to create the newest – and best – generation of Street and Park scooters. Known as Chapter 2, these trick scooters have been designed for a rider who demands the very best set up, straight out of the box. Chapter 2 is incredibly light, durable, and super strong.

The Chapter 2 scooter offers a brand new compression system that has been designed and tested by our Sacrifice team. It also features Sacrifice’s unique, forged head tube, as well as the best parts money can buy. The Chapter Two also features the new SLC which allows you to run IHC or SCS without having to change your fork or shims. It is simple to use and never comes loose! Chapter 2 is ideal for intermediate and advanced riders looking for the best scooter money can buy.

The Chapter 2 Park scooter is exclusive to Sacrifice Scooters and available now!

og player

O.G. Player

There is a reason that the O.G. is still a favourite among trick riders. This is a great entry level scooter that features Sacrifice Scooter’s triple concave deck. Combined with 120mm, this put the Player into a league of its own. Custom designed Player grip tape is cut to perfection, giving you’re the best possible grip you can get. This is a scooter that won’t disappoint and offers great value for money. This is why the O.G. Player is still one of the best scooters on the market in 2021.

flyte 115

Sacrifice Flyte 115

Sacrifice Scooter’s Flyte 115 has been specifically designed for riders who demand the best, lightest set up around. One of Sacrifice’s best selling scooters, it is perfect for younger riders looking for a complete scooter that features the best of everything Sacrifice has to offer. The Flyte 115 deck is a narrow 115cm and features variable wall thickness extrusions to maximise strength while minimising weight. It also features Sacrifice’s unique triple concave design. This complete scooter incorporates the new IHC system complete with Cyborg fork, oversized aluminium bars, and the Spy2 bolt clamp. And to finish it off, the Flyte 115 comes complete with slick new Delta Core wheels, Roller Coaster bearings, custom grip tape, and Sacrifice’s new Spy Grips.

akashi 110

The Akashi 110

The ultimate pro scooter, the Akashi 110 has been in development for 8 months. Designed by our expert product developers and pro riders, it is designed for serious riding. The deck’s forged neck features base welding, giving the scooter extreme strength. The weight has been reduced in many places to keep your setup super light while doing air tricks in the park. The 110 complete uses Sacrifice’s bullet proof SCS system with Bionic Fork and Recon Clamp. The bars are a triple gusset Chromoly Sacci Bar and the scooter features new, forged Blender wheels. It also features Sacrifice Scooter’s world first Rebound PU and high wall core design, a Taiwanese fully sealed, integrated headset, and trust S-Grips.

akashi 115

Sacrifice Scooter’s Akashi 115

The AK115 was developed over 18 months by Sacrifice’s expert scooter developers and Sacrifice Scooter’s team of pro riders. This scooter is perfect for serious riding with a forged neck and base welding for extreme strength. It features Sacrifice’s triple concave deck, giving the rider even more contact points while grinding. This makes it perfect for staying balanced while fast grinding. It has high walls and plastic plugs to give extra support while trick riding.

The 115 also has a wide range of fantastic upgrades including changing from SCS to IHC with the new Spy 2 bolt collar clamp. This industry leading clamp features 6ml high tensile bolts for extra strength. The IHC fork also comes with 8ml tensile axles for extra strength while being lighter the Bionic fork. Further the AK115 comes with reliable 110ml Blenderwheels with high Rebound PU, a Taiwanese fully sealed integrated headset, new Spy-Grips, and classic GT stripe graphics. This is the ultimate, coolest pro scooter for all riders.

Want to upgrade your ride? Want to start getting into stunt riding? Explore Sacrifice Scooter’s range of trick scooters today!