Best Scooters for Kids – Everything Parents Need to Know

Scooters are great for kids. Not only do they encourage activity outdoors and help your kids form friendships, but scooter riding is also a fantastic hobby and sport. And scooter riding is something kids can enjoy well into their teens. They can even make a career out of it. But when buying a new scooter for your kids, it can be daunting to find the right scooter to fit their age, size, and needs. There’s a lot to consider when investing in a scooter, so today the team at Sacrifice Scooters is going to go through everything parents need to know about the best scooters for kids.

Factors to Consider when Choosing the Best Scooter

It can be difficult to find the right scooter to fit your kid’s age and needs. With so many designs, brands, weights, and decks available, it can seem daunting as a parent. The main factors you need to consider, however, are:

  • Who is the scooter for?
  • How tall is the rider?
  • Is this person new to scooter riding or have they been riding for years?
  • How do they ride? Street or park? Do they perform/want to perform tricks?
  • How old is the rider?

This can help you determine the right sized deck, bars, wheels, and design for your kid’s scooter. And, of course, the best scooters are the coolest. Here’s how to work out the best scooter for your kids.

best scooters for kids

Scooter Decks

Choosing the right deck involves working out the right length, width, and weight your kids will need. Riding style will also influence the deck.

Deck Length

A lot of trick riders favour a shorter deck as it allows them to perform spin tricks quicker, including finger whips, heel whips, and tail whips. Shorter decks also allow the rider to move their body and the scooter around quicker, for both 180s and 360s.

A longer deck lets your kids hop higher and tend to be more comfortable to stand on. Longer decks are also better for street riding. Finally, the height of your kid will also determine the length of the deck. Generally, the taller a kid is, the longer the deck needs to be. Decks generally range from 19 to 23.5 inches long, with the best scooters coming in around 22 inches.

Deck Weight

Weight is another important factor when it comes to choosing the best scooters. Most riders are always on the lookout for the lightest scooter available as lighter decks allow you to better manipulate the scooter, to make technical tricks easier.

Light decked scooters are also the best scooters for younger, smaller riders. However, for older riders, there is a fine line between a deck that is light enough and a deck that isn’t solid enough for pro or trick riding.

The weight of the scooter deck should be relative to your kid’s riding style and strength. A heavier deck might suit a teen rider, while a lighter deck can be better for younger riders. And trick riders are always on the lookout for the perfect, lightweight yet solid deck.

Best Scooter Deck Width

Depending on how you ride, deck width is a priority. Street riders find comfort and stability in a wide deck, while trick riders have a better time with a tinner deck. Wider decks are good for grinding ledges and rails, as well as balancing board slides. Thinner decks a better for inside rails.

Finally, taller riders will have different width needs than shorter riders.

best scooters for kids scooter bars

Scooter Bars

Another important factor to consider is the height, width, and the material of the scooter bars.

Best Scooter Bar Heights

Height is the first consideration you should make when buying a complete or replacement scooters. Generally, the bars should sit around hip or waist height when your kid stands on the deck. If you’re buying bars separately, remember that the height measurements don’t take into account the rest of the scooter, so remember to add at least 7 inches to the bar measurements. Bar height also depends on your kids riding style. The best scooters for park tricks have shorter, smaller bars while street riders might prefer higher bars for comfort.

Scooter Bar Width

In general, the best scooter bars are around the same width as your kid’s shoulders. However, for those focusing on technical tricks, your kids might prefer a narrower bar. However, no-hand tricks and those looking for big air might prefer wider bars. Bar width is generally measured from one end of the crossbar to the other.

Scooter bars come in two main diameters, standard and oversize. Standard bars generally have an internal diameter of 28mm and an outer diameter of 32mm. They work best with ICS, ISC, IHC, and SCS compression setups. Standards bars also fit standard clamps and forks, as well as threaded forks. Further, standard scooter bars are made from chrome-steel.

Oversized bars have an internal diameter of 32mm and an external diameter of 35mm. These bars are made for HIC compression and work with oversized clamps and forks, as well as standard forks. They can also be used for SCS compression clamps.

Best Scooter Bar Materials

The best scooters have bars that come in a range of different materials. The most common are alloy, aluminium, and titanium.

Alloy bars are generally available in standard and oversized diameters, giving them a wider range of compression options.

Aluminium bars often have a standard inner diameter but an oversized external. At Sacrifice Scooters, we manufacture with the highest standards and only use the latest technology to forge and weld our aircraft-grade aluminium.

In general, titanium bars are considered oversized, making them perfect for SCS compression. And, if you add an oversized clamp, titanium bars are compatible with HIC and IHC compression. At Sacrifice Scooters, we have developed and rigorously tested our super strong and lightweight titanium bars. They are fantastic for riders who demand the best!

Sacrifice Scooter’s Best Scooters for Kids

While there is a range of cheap, three-wheel scooters available for very young riders, Sacrifice Scooters specialises in the perfect beginner and entry-level 2-wheeled scooter designs. We recommend the following as the best scooters for kids and young riders:

best scooters for kids og junior

Sacrifice OG Junior

The Sacrifice OG Junior is a stunt scooter and the perfect complete for younger riders. It is the best scooter for those getting into the sport. It features a shorter deck and lower bars, making it perfectly balanced for those 4 years old and up. Sacrifice Scooters has used years of technology and manufacturing expertise to create the best scooter for younger riders. It has been tested by the world’s best riders and comes at a price that will leave change in your pockets. This is the ideal ride for kids looking to speed up the progression.

Flyte 115 best scooters for kids

V2 Flyte 115

The Flyte 115 is one of Sacrifice Scooters best-selling scooters. It has been designed specifically for riders who demand the best but require a lighter set up. It is the perfect scooter for young riders who want to take advantage of the best of Sacrifice Scooter’s technology. The deck measures in at 115mm and has a variable wall thickness extrusion to maximise strength will minimising weight

The Flyte 115 also features Sacrifice’s unique triple concave deck design. This is a complete scooter that incorporates the new IHC system with the Cyborg fork, oversized aluminium bars, and the industry-leading Spy 2-bolt clamp. This scooter also comes complete with new Delta-Core wheels, Roller Coaster Bearings, custom grip tape, and new Spy Grips to create one of the best scooters in the park.

Sacrifice V2 Player

The V2 O.G Player is a fantastic entry-level scooter. It has always been one of our best scooters and bestsellers. The V2 Player features a triple concave deck and brand new, 120mm wheels. These features truly put the OG Player in a league of its own. Sacrifice Scooters has also designed new, custom Player grip tape that is cut to perfection. This means young riders have the best possible grip they can get. It is a scooter that will not disappoint and offers fantastic value for money.

The Mini Flyte V2 Complete

The Mini Flyte is the best scooter for young kids. It features Sacrifice Scooter’s unique, triple concave deck that has been specifically designed for those that demand the best. It is a lighter, narrow set up that is 40% lighter than anything else on the market. The Mini Flyte deck is 100mm wide and has variable wall thickness extrusions to maximize strength while minimizing weight. The Mini Flyte complete scooter incorporates Sacrifice’s new IHC system with the Cyborg fork, oversized aluminum bars, and the Spy 2-bolt collar clamp.

It also comes complete with slick new Delta-Core wheels, Roller Coaster Bearings, custom-Grip Tape, and Sacrifice Scooters trusty S-Grips.

Finding the best scooters for your kids is difficult. But Sacrifice Scooters has some of the best, entry-level scooters for young and beginner riders. These scooters will not only provide a great learning experience for those entering the sport but also help them speed up progression. Our scooters are designed in conjunction with pro riders, so both beginners and experts get the best experience possible when riding.

If you’re looking for the best scooter in 2020 for your kids, explore our range today to find the best new ride in colours that will make your kids the envy of the skatepark. A little lost on what to buy? Contact the experts at Sacrifice Scooters today. We can help you pick out the best scooters for kids, today.