New generation of scooter parts

Sacrifice brings a new look and quality to the scooter scene. Employing ingenuity, slick design and premium materials, all Sacrifice parts have a look and feel comparable to no other.

Engineered for Performance

All Sacrifice parts go through an extensive prototyping process which utilizes the latest computer aided technology which analyses stress to determine the best design resolution and materials for each part. We also do performance testing on physical parts and assemblies, then put them through a rigorous testing regime with hardcore scooter riders, before we deem them worthy to wear the Sacrifice logo.

Ride with style

Sacrifice prides itself on not only producing the best performing parts, but also bringing a fresh style to help you express yourself through your ride. Mix and match Sacrifice parts to make your scooter pop.

For serious scooter riders

Sacrifice parts are engineered for maximum strength, and designed to withstand the pressure from the most extreme scooter riding. All our parts come with a guarantee, so if you're into pushing the sport to the limits, our parts are your ultimate choice.