The Ultimate Guide to Scooter Decks

The key to a great scooter deck depends on the strength, weight and balance of the deck. No matter whether you are a trick rider, pro or just getting into riding, the right deck makes all the difference! Looking to get your first scooter, replacing a broken deck, or looking to upgrade your ride? Our Ultimate Guide to Scooter Decks is here to help you make the right choice!

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1: Deck Length

Choosing the right deck length depends on your height and riding style. For example, it isn’t uncommon for trick scooter pros to use a shorter deck. A shorter deck let’s you spin tricks quicker, including heel and tail whips. They also allow you to move your body and the scooter around, quicker, for 180s and 360s, which is important from trick riders.

A longer deck length, however, let’s you hop higher and tend to be more comfortable to stand on. They also let you better balance manuals. Decks can range from 19-23.5 inches long, though the most popular deck length is 22 inches.

For street riding, longer decks tend to be better, while shorter decks are great for park riding. Your height also often dictates deck length – the taller you are, the longer you’ll need.

2: Scooter Deck Weight

Deck weight is also an important factor. Most riders are on the lookout for the lightest scooter deck available. After all, you want to do the most insane tricks out there. And lighter decks do allow you to better manipulate the scooter, which is thought to make technical tricks easier. Light decks are also considered better for younger, smaller riders. However, it is a fine balance between a deck that is light but not solid enough for pro or trick riding.

A heavier deck, however, often works well for larger riders, and provides a solid, steady feel for those looking for a smooth ride. They’re also generally stronger and last longer than lighter decks.

Scooter deck weight should also be relative to your riding style, and your strength. Adult riders might find a heavier deck is just as easy to manipulate as the lightest scooter decks out there. However, a ten rider might struggle. Like length, deck weight is based on how you ride and your size.

Looking for the lightest deck on the market for your trick riding needs? Our Sacrifice Flyte deck remains the lightest deck in the world, perfect for pros and beginners alike!

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3: Deck Width

Deck width is a priority depending on how you ride. Street riders will find more stability and comfort in a wide deck, while trick decks often need a thinner width. A wider deck allows you to grind ledges and rails easier, as well as balance on boardslides. It’s also easier to spot a landing, which makes heel or tail whips easier.

Thinner decks are often lighter – though this depends on the construction. They are better for inside rails than wider decks.

The width of the deck is all relative, again, to your size. Taller riders will have different width needs than shorter riders.

4: Scooter Footspace

Leading on from deck width and length, is deck or scooter footspace. Footspace is not always relative to the length of the deck. Longer or more footspace make the scooter more comfortable to stand on, allowing you more room to prepare for tricks.

It also gives you more space to land on. The goal is to have as much footspace as possible without your deck being too long for your style of riding.

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5: Wheelbase

The wheelbase is measure from the centre of the rear axle hole to the centre of the fork’s axle hole. It is the most crucial measurement when choosing the length of your scooter deck. In fact the headtube angle, blunt space and length all affect the wheelbase, sometimes bumping it up a whole inch, without actually making the scooter longer.

6: Scooter Deck Headtube Angle

Headtube angle can range from 82 to 84 degrees. While this might not seem like much, the numbers count! The lower the number, the easier it is to perform spinning tail and heel whips. The higher the number, the more distance between the bars and your body. This can make bar spins easier. Higher numbers also mean you have more leverage to hop higher and makes nose manuals easier.

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7: Blunt Space

Blunt space is the area between the front of the deck and the scooter fork turned sideways. Larger blunt space makes blunt stalls easier, while smaller makes blunt slides easier. Smaller blunt spaces also make it easier to blunt slide obstacles. For pro scooter decks, this can be an important consideration.

8: Scooter Deck Accessories

Depending on your style of riding, there are accessories that can take your pro scooter deck to the next level. For example, scooter deck ends can square up the rear of your deck. This gives your more foot space and surface area to grind. Most deck ends are removeable, letting you modify your deck to your riding style, with ease.

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9: Price

When buying anything, quality comes before price. And scooter decks are no different. We all like a bargain but decks, especially pro scooter decks, have higher prices. This is due to the craftsmanship, materials, design and weight. Cheap scooter decks can be up to 60% heavier than more expensive decks.

Further, cheap scooter decks often lack good construction, making them more prone to damage and wear out. The last thing you want is your deck to wear out after a few weeks of grinding.

10: Pro Scooter, Custom Scooter, Kid’s Scooter or Trick Scooter Deck?

Choosing the right scooter deck for your needs is important. The right scooter depends on your riding needs and your skill level.

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Pro Scooter Decks and Scooters

Pro scooter decks are the most popular decks available. These are the scooters you see in skateparks and on the streets around the world. Most online scooter stores, like Sacrifice Scooters, specialise in pro scooters and decks. These decks are specifically designed for riders to perform tricks on the street or in a skatepark. But they are also great as transportation for all ages. Need to upgrade, customise or replace worn out parts? Pro scooters and decks come with a wide range of parts so you can create a truly unique, custom deck and scooter for your style of riding.

Custom Scooters and Decks

At the end of the day, a custom scooter deck is pretty much the same as a pro scooter. The difference is that a custom scooter is built from a range of parts across different brands. By individually picking each part of the deck or scooter, you are truly making it your own. Not only are colour options endless when you put together a custom scooter, so are your upgrades.

“Aftermarket parts” are often stronger, lighter and more durable than a complete scooter. As a result, custom decks and scooters are popular among advanced riders. Online stores, like Sacrifice Scooters, make it easy for you to build your own custom scooter – or find the right complete for your needs. You can explore and compare all the parts you need to make your next perfect ride.

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Trick Scooter Decks

A trick or stunt scooter deck is non-adjustable and non-foldable, perfect for grinding and tricks. They are generally made from the lightest and strongest materials available in order to withstand the impact of landings. They are also easier to perform tricks.

As one of the fastest growing sports, it is important that you get a high-quality deck that is built for trick riding. Relying on a folding scooter can lead to injuries and damage to the deck. You need the strength of titanium or alloy found in pro and stunt scooters. When you’re looking to practice and master a new trick, you need a strong deck that withstand hours of practice.

Kid’s Scooters

Kid’s scooters are generally designed for young and beginner riders. These come in 2 and 3 wheel scooter ranges. They also offer special features, including adjustable handlebars and seats, allow the scooter to grow with the rider. They are generally brighter in colour and feature kid-friendly accessories and light up wheels.

Kid’s scooters are not the same as pro or trick scooters. They don’t have the durability, lightness or strength to perform technical tricks. Instead, they are a great introduction for young kids into scooter riding and the profession.

Are you a pro looking to upgrade your ride? Looking to replace a broken deck? Or are you a beginner, looking to break into profession? No matter your needs, Sacrifice Scooters has the right scooter decks for you. We also offer a range of parts and accessories, as well as complete scooters. Explore our range, today!