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The Akashi ranges of complete scooters are made up of our premium parts. Catering for elite riders, the Akashi completes set a new standard in complete scooters helping push the boundaries of street riding, but is also very handy around a park scooter. The Akashi-120 complete features our unique triple concave, new Spy SCS forged clamp with 6ml Titanium bolts for added strength and weight. With our new Spy SCS Fork and new Spy Clamp the Akashi is now even lighter than ever. Our Reo T-bar tops off this great value for money complete scooter. The Akashi 120 also comes complete with the all-new 120 UFO wheels all our wheels are hand poured also a Taiwanese fully sealed integrated headset, our new Spy-Grips.

2 reviews for V2 Akashi120 Complete Racing Green

  1. June

    Best scooter ever

  2. Ronnie

    Full marks for such a great scooter with everything I wanted. It was a bonus getting the scooter on sale. Great value for a top quality stunt scooter

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