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The AK ranges of complete scooters are made up of our premium parts. Catering for elite riders, the AK completes set a new standard in complete scooters helping push the boundaries of scootering. The AK-110 complete is based around the AK-110 deck which feels comfortable in any situation, but is in its own league in the park. The AK-110 complete uses our bullet proof SCS system with our Bionic Fork and Recon Clamp, the bar is our triple gusset Chromoly Sacci Bar and comes complete with the new forged Blender wheels, a Taiwanese fully sealed integrated headset, our trusty S-Grips and topped off with classic GT stripe graphics.

3 reviews for Sacrifice AK-110 Complete – Shark/Lemon

  1. william fullerton

    It is my favourite brand

  2. travis hubbard

    it is absolutely fantastic
    it gives me a whole lot more confidence at the skatepark
    love it

  3. Adam

    Amazing scooter.

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