Leo Spencer | 4th In The World!

Last weekend was certainly eventful. The ISA World Finals 2016 happened at Extreme Barcelona. It’s the one event every year where the absolute best of the best in stunt scooter riding get together and shred it out to see who are the kings of the park comp circuit. This year Sacrifice riders Erik Avila Molina (Spanish No.3) and Leo Spencer (UK No.3 Qualifier) were competing, having qualified within the 50 best riders in the world.

The comp saw riders travel from Australia, USA, Japan and all over Europe to enter. Leo Spencer, who has progressed massively in the past 6 months, from ScootGB winner to holding his own against the absolute best at the ISA World Finals. He totally killed it in both runs and took away a well deserved 4th place. Well done dude. Skip to 29:22 of the Lifestream to catch his best run!

13450836_1092540140805385_2040061225129596238_n 13435490_1092398504152882_250170117776911920_n Lads at Worlds